What We Take

Construction Debris:

Including lumber, plywood, and pallets.
Gypsum boards, wall panels, and related materials.
Small amounts of bricks, blocks, slabs, and broken concrete pieces.
Aluminum, steel, copper, and other non-hazardous metals.
Shingles, tiles, flashing, and underlayment.
Fiberglass, foam, and other non-toxic insulation materials.

Yard Waste

Tree limbs and brush.
Bagged or loose yard waste.

Small amounts of dirt, grass sod, and rocks.


Empty boxes, packaging materials, etc.
Non-hazardous plastics, such as bottles and containers.
Clothing, curtains, and non-contaminated textiles.

* For Concrete a 20 yard dumpster filled half way will be accepted

Household Items

Sofas, tables, chairs, mattresses, dressers, etc.
Refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, stoves, etc.
TVs, computers, printers, audio equipment, etc.
Rolled-up carpets and rugs.

What We Don’t Take

Hazardous Waste:

Paints, solvents, pesticides, and cleaning agents.
Lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, etc.
Gasoline, propane tanks, and oils.
Materials containing asbestos fibers.
Needles, syringes, and biohazardous materials.
Any liquids, including oil, paint, solvents, and adhesives.
Used or unused tires.
Animal carcasses or any other organic waste.
Your Guide to Finding Us

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